One day in our life:

We buy the recycled PET fabric from our supplier in China (ethically run factory with long experience in recycled yarn), the only supplier that so far has made us the honour of listening to our ideas and ultimately, has created the perfect fabric for us.

And how do they recycle the plastic bottles?

First, PET bottles get classified by colour, they are washed, and then they get shattered and melted. The last step of the process is the creation of the yarn from the melted plastic. Voilà.

Also, in this process the water used is recycled over and over, with no water waste.

After that, they mix the recycled PET yarn with spandex to make the elastic fabric needed to create our activewear.

On top of that, they do the pattern printing process, which is digitally printed, no chemicals and no polluting water either (this is why our leggings are all in white interior).

Bringing it back to Europe,

We receive the printed fabric in our factory in Madrid, Spain, and from there we cut and sew it, pack the goodies and leave them ready for you. All ethically and conscious made by the best production team ever.

At our studio, we work very hard on everything else!

Online store management, finances, communication, orders, packagings, shippings… We totally love our job :)