A real change in the fashion industry.

Picture how many people in the world are buying clothes right now, how much money they are spending.

Picture how much of that money goes to a few people and how little of that money goes to the many workers behind every piece of cloting.

Picture all the processes, the factories, the industrial sewing machines non stop.

Picture the rivers glowing in the color of the season.


We need everyone on board here. To make the real change, we need the consumer to start asking for sustainable options so that the wheel keeps turning to a better, greener future. We need conscious and loving Warriors.


As a ecofriendly activewear brand our goals are essentially two:

One, to reduce plastic pollution while making a change in the fashion industry one legging at a time,


Two, to make your yoga, dancing, fitness, skating, relaxing, or whatever it is that you want to do in our pants, even more sustainable, ethical and very comfy!